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A Digital Security Token federally approved and registered by Bermuda. Thinking of investing?

On February 6th 2019, tribeOS issued its own security token called FIRE which will provide token holders with dividend paying a revenue share from the marketplace.

When you purchase FIRE you become a stakeholder in an advertising revolution. We are set to disrupt the fraudulent, archaic advertising industry. Our revolutionary technology will level the playing field so everyone has a chance and encourage innovation in all aspects of business, including asset management.

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The Digital Advertising Market


The digital advertising industry is a $333 Billion market that’s projected to grow to $518 Billion in four years.

A 5% market share would mean over $15 Billion dollars in gross revenue for tribeOS – while an opportunity like this comes with risk, and we’re well aware it’s an incredible challenge, we have the team and the tech to do it.


Market Opportunity

  • Digital advertising is $333B/year market growing at 15% annually, that’s ripe for disruption due to the corrupt, clouded ad networks of today.
  • Projections estimate 67% growth in digital ad spending over the next five years
  • The majority of an advertiser’s dollars goes to the publisher
  • Market inefficiencies due to fraud create a massive opportunity for tribeOS.

Our Advantage

  • The Platform: tribeOS is an open, transparent, ad fraud-free digital advertising marketplace delivering Contextually Appropriate Ads People Love™
  • Ad Protector: a mature technology proven to stop ad fraud in it's tracks.
  • Atomic Traceability™ provides unparalleled transparency down to the tiniest levels.
  • Founders have over 70 years of advertising experience and we've partnered with many of blockchain’s leading minds


We have already locked in over $30,000,000/year in pre-sale revenue


Why tribeOS?

Ad fraud is one of the biggest market inefficiencies in the world costing advertisers over $18 Billion a year. tribeOS’ mature tech stack solves this issue and protects advertisers' precious campaign budgets.

tribeOS’ technology stack has four powerful components:

Ad Protector

identifies whether a visitor is a human or bot and it STOPS the bots from clicking on more ads and draining campaign budgets.

Atomic Traceability™

creates the first true trustless advertising network by giving every detail possible from every impression, click and user to advertisers and putting it on the blockchain.

Gold Lantern Tracking

provides the most accurate tracking possible by using four different tracking methods and gives advertisers the profitability insights they need to make smart decisions.

Contextual Matching Engine

our machine learning system helps match the right advertiser with the right publisher and the right user with the right advertiser.


Matt Gallant

Chief Executive Officer

James Wallace

Chief Technology Officer

James Tonn

Chief Operating Officer


Roger Ver

Dean Jackson

Clay Hebert

Marc Goodman

Singularity University

Kurtis Minder

Yanik Silver





Perkins Coie




Investing in FIRE FAQ

What is FIRE?

FIRE is an equity token that enables investors to participate in revenue sharing in tribeOS. It allows holders to receive dividends based on the funds spent on the platform and the overall success of tribeOS.

What is an equity token and how is it different from a utility token?

Many ICOs create a blockchain-based token which can be used to perform certain smart functions on a specific smart contract or platform. We can group these tokens into a general class called “utility token” because the value of the token is theoretically based on its utility on the platform. In practice much of the value of these tokens is speculative.

An equity token does not obtain valuation from expected use, but instead it represents the right to participate in the dividends from the profit generated by the issuer.

Why is your token called FIRE?

When we asked the question, “What was one of the most important values for a tribe?” The answer was fire. Fire allowed tribes to survive the cold. Fire gave tribes the power to cook meat and scientists believe it fueled the growth of our brains. Fire helped tribes see in the dark and stop predators from attacking them.

Special Introductory Offer


Share Price

Founders Grants 0.097 377,875,399 $36,653,914
Advisor Grants Various 8,966,096 $977,885
Pre-STO Launch (closed) 0.097 3,237,737 $314,060
STO Launch (closed) 0.030 109,808,807 $3,100,000
Series A 0.030 83,333,333 $2,500,000
FIRE is only available to those who are qualified to invest based on their local laws. THIS PAGE IS NOT AN OFFERING